Please be patient with us as our documentation evolves.

1. BracketPress CORE ( Available as a FREE download from the WordPress Plugin Directory )
2. BracketPress Login / Registration Widget ( Available as a FREE download from the WordPress Plugin Directory)
3. BracketPress PRO ( Available through this site. See here for more info. )
4. BracketPress Newsletter Integration ( Available as part of the PRO package above. )
5. BracketPress Widget ( Available with the PRO Developer’s License )

To get started, simply install the plugin as you normally would with any other zip file, or visit the plugin section in your WordPress dashboard and search and install via the WordPress directory. Once you have successfully installed BracketPress. Activate the plugin.

After activation, the plugin will create two pages. These pages will remain in an unpublished status for you to review, add your own text directions and then publish. The first page is the “My Bracket” page. This is the page your end users will navigate to as they fill out their brackets. The second page is the leader board. Once you run scoring, this page will show the total points for each bracket.

The login and registration widget is packaged separately and can be downloaded or installed at here. Or via the WordPress dashboard by searching for BracketPress and selecting the Login and Registration Widget plugin.

The widget is a simple login and registration widget. BracketPress attaches the bracket to the user-id of the person filling out the bracket, because of this, users need to be logged in to edit or create a bracket. It is not required that you use the BracketPress Login or Registration Widget, but we wanted you to have an easy, available option. Additional add-ons like the newsletter integration plugins *DO* require the BracketPress Login and Registration Widget be used.

A page will also be created for the “Leader board” that you will need to publish as well.

On the backend, the plugin creates a custom post type called “Brackets” — NOTE: You might need to re-save your permalink structure after activating the plugin to flush your re-write rules. You will also have a Team page and Settings and Scoring Page. The Team Page is where you will enter in the 64 teams and their seeds on the bracket. The conference line is not required at this time. The Settings and Scoring page have default scores assigned to each correct answer, per round, but you can also edit this info here. Along with changing the page from your WordPress theme that the bracket is displayed on.