Please see our announcement about the 2016 Tournament here.

Each March, the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament takes place.

Each March, millions of brackets are fill out across the country. What if you could run your own bracket pool? What if you could keep all of that traffic and branding on YOUR site?

Have your customers and potential customers come to your site, see your products, all the while participating in one of the most highly anticipated annual sports traditions. BracketPress is an online pool manager for the premiere college basketball tournament.

First and foremost, BracketPress has been designed for businesses that market to consumers. We have developed tools that will help you engage with your current customers. As well as inspire and attract new potential clients. With the competitive human spirit and the ability to have updated timely content, your site visitors will return time after time during March and early April to your website.

Additionally, each bracket entry has a unique URL that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and beyond, bringing even more traffic and attention to your site when your engaged customers share and brag about their bracket entry.

We offer an easy to use plug and play premium extension system that make it near effortless for you to add participants to mailing lists, keep them up to date via text message, etc. All while maintaining your branding and the cohesive look and feel of your website. We even offer a data module that takes the drudgery out of entering in the teams, their scores, and updating the winners and losers. After downloading the FREE plugin from the button above, be sure and check out what PRO can do for you!